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Our Short Term Self Defence Program

The Simna Martial Arts Organization is dedicated to providing martial arts training that caters to the unique needs of special kids. Recognizing that every child is different, these classes are specifically designed to create a safe and inclusive environment where children with special needs can learn martial arts techniques, develop physical skills, build confidence, and improve overall well-being. These classes focus on promoting personal growth, fostering discipline, and enhancing social interactions. Here are some examples of the martial classes offered for special kids in the Simna Martial Arts Organization

Some Bullet Points Of Our Classes

  1. Essential Self-Defense Techniques: This class serves as a crash course in self-defense, providing participants with fundamental techniques and strategies to effectively protect themselves. It covers basic strikes, blocks, and evasion techniques, as well as situational awareness and de-escalation tactics. The aim is to equip individuals with essential skills that can be quickly learned and easily applied.
  2. Rapid Response Self-Defense: This class focuses on teaching participants how to react swiftly and decisively when faced with a threatening situation. It emphasizes quick thinking, instinctive responses, and exploiting an attacker's vulnerabilities. Techniques for escaping holds, strikes, and basic ground defense are covered in a condensed timeframe.
  3. Self-Defense for Busy Professionals: Recognizing the time constraints of busy professionals, this class is tailored to their specific needs. It provides practical self-defense techniques that can be easily integrated into their daily routines. The class addresses common scenarios encountered in professional settings, such as workplace aggression, parking lot safety, and travel security.
  4. Women's Express Self-Defense: This class is exclusively designed for women who seek immediate self-defense skills. It addresses the unique vulnerabilities women may face and teaches techniques that capitalize on their natural strengths. The curriculum covers practical self-defense techniques, awareness strategies, and assertiveness training, empowering women to protect themselves in a short period of time.