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Our Grade School Kids Program

Our Grade School program has been designed with both our parents and students in mind. We provide a positive learning environment where our students can continue to grow and improve on what their parents are teaching at home. For this age group our students will learn what it means to be a great kid.

We improve self esteem, respect, focus, and integrity among a multitude of key aspects parents are looking to foster in their developing children. Parents will notice that our modern approach to teaching martial arts not only focuses on self defense and stranger danger but also and just as important arming our students with the tools that make their goals achievable. Our goal as instructors is to encourage and support our students to succeed in our schools as well as outside of them.

Training Benefits

  1. Increased Levels of Self-Control
  2. Coordination and Improved Sports Skills
  3. Socialization with a group of children their own age
  4. Improved Focus
  5. Life and Safety Skills (i.e. - Stranger Danger, Anti-Drug, Traffic Safety etc.)
  6. When and where to use Martial Arts and when not to
  7. Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence as they prepare to enter Grade School