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We all know that the teenage years can be hard. As teenagers leave childhood behind and are preparing for the adult world that lies ahead, Simna Martial Arts Organization can be a great resource for teenagers and their parents as well.Teenagers are seeking more independence and parents want make sure they are prepared to handle it properly and make good choices. At Simna Martial Arts Organization we surround our students with positive role models. We provide teenagers with a fun, safe environment to learn new skills. As they do this, they gain confidence in themselves giving them a proven boost of self esteem. This confidence is one of the best things we can give our teenage students. It allows them to be able to stand up for themselves in real life situations which challenge them every day. Whether it be bullying, drugs, or peer pressure our teens have the skills and confidence to make the right choices and feel good about them.

We are also a great resource for parents. Our instructors are wonderful, caring people and positive role models. They are always available to listen to any concerns you are having with your teenager and they will always do their best to help in any way they can. Lots of times all it takes is an outside positive influence from someone that your teenager looks up to and respects. We feel the more people that surround your child providing a positive influence the better, not only instructors but peers their own age dealing with their same issues.

Self Defense builds confidence. Having the knowledge that you can handle yourself in any situation gives teenagers the ability to have increased self esteem. Plus they get to learn all the cool stuff they are interested in. At this age, they are physically capable of doing pretty much whatever they set their minds on. We help to build strong bodies and minds and give them the skills to accomplish their goals.

We teach our students to be leaders – not followers. We all know that the right choice is not always the easy one but we empower are students to be individuals and have a place to go where they are always encouraged and praised for doing the right thing. We also believe that to earn respect, trust, and independence you have to respect others. That goes for parents, siblings, teachers, peers, and everyone they come into contact with in order to gain the freedom that they desire at this age.